Technology training for
Burmese entrepreneurs

MyGo enables entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth, through a comprehensive training programme of technology for business.

Internet users in Southeast Asia spend an average of 3.6 hours per day on the internet, one more than in any other region of the world (source: Myanmar Times 2017). MyGo aims to connect aspiring Burmese entrepreneurs with emerging digital opportunities.

Our courseware content


Our course trains participants in how to apply open source software packages to a wide array of business problems, encountered by most entrepreneurs.

Participants will work through a series of practical exercises across five major learning modules, shown below. These modules are designed to help entrepreneurs to target areas of improvement for their long-term business growth.

Entrepreneurs will be supported throughout the course by our specially trained course consultants.

The modularised course format allows it to be flexibly delivered, either over evening classes, as weekend workshops, or during a 5-day working week. The basic version of the programme requires 23 training hours.

MyGo partnered with the Yangon School of Political Science in 2017, and is now building a pipeline of local connections for 2018.

Explore our training modules


Hover over the images below for an introduction to each module.

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What participants will gain


A broad knowledge base about typical issues faced by young businesses


Hard technological skills, in applying key software packages to solve operational problems and improve business performance


A forward-looking digital implementation strategy, tailored to your development plans and developed with your course consultant


Longer-term business mentorship from our trained MyGo team

Other services


In addition to our training programme, we offer two complementary

services to give you a full range of business support.

Refurbished laptops

MyGo equips entrepreneurs with refurbished laptops to give them a second life as educational tools. Our laptops run on the open source operating system, Ubuntu. This is advantageous because Ubuntu offers a single, centralised software updating system.

One-to-one business consultancy

Our course consultants are trained by our parent company in London, IDEAS Globally, and have also worked with top global organisations such as IBM, Cisco and EY. They have extensive experience working in Asia, with a proven passion for advancing development in Myanmar.

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