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Emerging Market entry
We have strong experience providing services to connect both European and East Asian markets, and expertise in establishing trusted local partnerships in both regions to support business growth and development, especially in the China market. Our advisory services include:
→ Facilitating unique market entry opportunities

→ Regional strategic planning

→ Local partnership brokerage and support

→ Translation support

Business development
As an incubator, our expertise is continually transforming ideas into products and services that can be used, commercialized, and innovated. We offer particular experience in expanding commercial value in the education sector, through:
→ Localised brand development

→ High quality educational programming

→ Enhancing marketing, sales and CRM strategies

→ I.T. services and web design

Social enterprise design
If you’re seeking to add social innovation capabilities to an existing line of business, initiate social enterprise training for staff, or launch a new social impact venture, we offer a one-stop solution. We support:
→ Corporate integration of social innovation

→ Social enterprise training for business

→ Start-up-phase design and development

→ Design for scalability and commercialization

Industry-supported and connected
Our work is further supported by several key partnerships, which have increased our connectivity with a wide spectrum of industries. Among these are:

Synergy Learning Ltd, our Chinese subsidiary company, specialised in delivering learning solutions for the Chinese market.

EY Foundation, who have provided bespoke coaching for our executive staff, and assisted in IDEAS Globally being represented at the 2016 Strategic Growth Forum in Shanghai.

Recent clients we’ve provided solutions for
A global institution for business in Asia
Programme design, for business learners
Marketing strategy development
A European food technology company
Sales strategy development
Partnership brokering & mediation
An agricultural start-up based within China
Provision of feasibility study
Business development advisory
A final-stage Chinese construction project
Assistance in adaptation of project marketing for international clients
Contact our consultancy team
Our solutions are market-adapted and focused on achieving measurable results for your organisation. Our team works around an international clock to deliver them ahead of time.

Please contact us here to arrange a meeting about your organisation’s needs, and we shall be delighted to respond.

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