HEADLINE provides a digital platform to enhance support for female community healthcare volunteers (FCHVs) in Nepal.

HEADLINE is aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality.

We aim to empower FCHVs to become effective local authorities on community healthcare through better training.

HEADLINE is a UCL Grand Challenges: Health Systems winner.

Mission Statement


FCHVs are a key pillar of Nepal’s public healthcare system, providing rural populations with medical advice.

However, they lack regular opportunities for ‘knowledge top-ups’ following basic training.

Our Mission

We aim to improve the healthcare training for FCHVs, by transforming selected training materials into an e-learning service that supports existing, local programs.

By partnering with NGOs and medical organisations, we wish to provide FCHVs with regular access to interactive and easy-to-use e-learning resources.

What Partners Will Gain

Interactive activities for FCHVs

Human resources for on-the-ground training programme delivery

FCHV performance analysis


HEADLINE and IDEAS Globally research insights

Consulting services for programme design

Access to IDEAS Globally’s network of global stakeholders

Our Delivery Framework

At HEADLINE, we leverage IDEAS Globally’s digital platform to create training resources for FCHVs and gather user-generated data for performance evaluation. A typical delivery framework may follow the process below:

1. Partnership agreement

2. Content creation and approval

3. Content delivery to FCHVs

4. FCHV performance analysis

Our Guidebook

For international healthcare NGOs, HEADLINE offers a research-based guidebook on the background and challenges facing FCHVs.

Access our research

We offer actionable insights that facilitate better engagement with these women by multinational organisations. Our HEADLINE guidebook is accessible on this webpage, in the embedded link to the right. Our guidebook is openly published under a Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 license, and can be freely distributed.

If you wish to download the guidebook, please complete the contact form below and we shall be delighted to send you your own version.

Contact our HEADLINE team

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